two tiles showing  a snake and a desert rat

Details of two of the ceramic door-panels, shown after the first firing.

Anton Krajnc is an artist who loves to have people live with his art,
relate to it and watch it change with their moods. There is tension and mystery
and room for the viewer's imagination to take off.

Krajnc' art is not stored in warehouses somewhere,
because the buyer couldn't possibly look at it every day,
while he waits for it to appreciate enough to sell it for a profit.

Of course, art is an investment, nothing wrong with that.
Krajnc' art also appreciates, but rarely will you find a piece at auction.
The owners just do not want to part with it.
Krajnc' images become part of their lives.
They never get tired of looking at them and they will continue to
discover new details even after years of owning a work.
(These are actual quotes from letters we have received.)

Native American and desert images

The artist's decision to focus on three-dimensional art
has opened whole new possibilities of exhibition space areas for Krajnc.
As always, art and nature, architecture and life's creations interweave in his work.

Imagine you come to the door of your house and it is a giant rock,
with images carved in relief that relate to both present and historical past,
to the local landscape, to plants and animals.

a detail with leaves

When Krajnc started the project in 1999, he had no idea
how much time he was willing to invest..
In the end, one forgets.
The result is what counts, and it is quite spectacular.
12 panels, 17" x 25" each, were painstakingly carved and fired,
first in the electric kiln, then, using the reduction technique,
in the artist's handbuilt outdoor kiln.

all panels assembled on the floor

In this photograph the panels are laid side-by-side on the floor
prior to the next step, the reduction firing that will turn them a shiny black color.

a wing of the door

The door is black! In the Arizona studio, Anton Krajnc welded strong iron frames to hold the panels in the two wings of the finished door. He considers this a prototype and plans to make a bronze version. Molds have been made of all panels. The size can be adjusted to specific needs, and images can be incorporated or taken out to make each individual door one of a kind.

For more information or to order a door to fit your special place, contact Atelier Anton Krajnc (

the artist's dove

an artist's palette

bronze sphere

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a rainbow rule

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