Castle Bernau, in Fischlham, Upper Austria, lies hidden behind tall linden and acacia trees, home to many species of birds. A stone bridge crosses the moat around it.

the entrance to castle Bernau

Both, castle and small village - of about 1000 inhabitants -
where Anton Krajnc has spent fourteen summers,
are very close to his heart.
Many important paintings were created there,
besides the frescoes in the Baptism Chapel.
There were joyful celebrations, visitors came from many countries and interviews were given.
The thick castle walls muffled noises of work, and sounds of laughter, songs, music and barking.
Florian, the owners' son, was introduced to art as a baby.


Flo admiring his work

He was a natural,
soon attacking canvas, paints and brushes with florish and without any hesitation!
(Flo had his first "exhibition", together with his elder sister Elfi, when he was five... in the castle's great Hall of Knights.)

A special series of oils was started by Anton Krajnc
in 1993, when the castle was surrounded
by fields and fields of sunflowers.
The first work was actually done right
in the middle of such a field in full bloom,
almost swallowing up artist and easel,
brushes, paints and all.

Anton painting in a field of sunflowers

painting with a sunflower and a heartshaped leaf

Oil/canvas, 90cm x 90cm, 1993

Vincent's sunflowers and his portrait

Oil/canvas with wood carving, 95cm x 70cm, 1994

a  sunflower field

Oil/canvas, 70cm x 100cm, 1995

rainbow rule

The latest addition to the castle, created by Anton Krajnc in the spring of 2004,
is a bronze coat of arms, which hangs above the entrance.

the new coat of arms

This detail shows the fine work in the fish - symbolizing the town's name -
and the bear, standing for Bernau.

fish and bear

We started to count our visitors on February 11, 1997.
Unfortunately, the Bravenet Counter has disappeared, which is too bad...

rainbow rule

Anton's dove


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