"The EUROPEAN HEART PROJECT is not only about bronze sculptures.
My goal is much broader:
I am creating a conceptual piece, anchored to an exhibit of three-dimensional art,
with a heart sculpture at the center. I have chosen the heart to make my statement,
because it is one of the oldest and one of the most universally recognized shapes.
The heart is the basic symbol for life, and love, and friendship; for sincerity, and for compassion.
It also stands for the center of things.

Developing this project, I am following my own path, staying true to my very personal vision,
hoping to create something unique that crosses borders, unites communities, and will be appreciated
by people of all walks of life, outside the confines of traditional museums.

My experiences during eighteen years of involvement with the world of galleries in New York
have taught me not to follow any trend or artificially created direction in art, declared IN today
and OUT tomorrow by a self appointed "elite" on the very manipulated art market.

I firmly believe that art, true art, rooted in our cultural heritage,
comes not from the mind alone, but also from that other source: the HEART.

To follow the Heart-Trail should be both an intellectual and an emotional adventure.
When you have visited one or two Heart-Towns, I hope you will want to see the other bronzes and their sites.

On my first round, visiting some of the target locations,
the reception by officials and their response to the project has been very positive and encouraging."

the artist and the bronze heart

--There is talk about the possibilities of organizing special events at certain Heart Sites.--

--We will have miniature replicas of the Heart Pieces, to collect or trade.--

--International art lovers and collectors from different countries and backgrounds
would be encouraged to a dialogue and exchange of ideas and thoughts.--

"I am very much looking forward to seeing the project unfold and become reality!"

Anton Krajnc, A. Krajnc Foundation and Museum in spe,
Tucson, AZ

Spring 2012


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